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Orangeville Animal Health Service LLC

Below is a list and description of the services we offer.

Small Animal


Our state of the art facilities handle your small animal needs - from general health to surgical. Click here to tour our facilities.
We offer a wide range of veterinary services to keep your pets feeling their best.                  

  • Anesthesia: The injectable and inhalant anesthetics we use are the safest available. Pre-operative blood screening can help alert us to potential anesthetic risks with your pet. Our anesthetic monitor allows us to continually monitor our patient's vital signs while they are under for surgery.
  • Dentistry: Our dental services include preventative care, cleaning and polishing, tooth extractions, and minor oral surgery.
  • Dietary counseling: We can help get your pet on the right food based on their life stage and/or medical condition. We stock and recommend Hill's Science Diets and Prescription Diets.
  • Emergency Care: If you have an after hours emergency, please call our main phone number (815) 789-4558 and you will be transferred to the veterinarian on-call.
  • General Health: Routine health checkups including vaccinations, heartworm testing, and deworming are recommended.
  • Laboratory: Our in-house laboratory equipment allows us to do blood work, urinalysis, and parasite testing. We also use commercial and university labs for specialized diagnostics.
  • Radiology: We have X-ray capabilities on-site to help with diagnosis of your pet.
  • Surgery: Our surgical procedures include routine spays and neuters, other soft tissue surgeries, and repair of cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) ruptures.
  • Ultrasound: Ultrasound aids us in pregnancy diagnosis.

Large Animal


Our haul-in facility can accommodate large animals in a humane way that is safe for the veterinarians as well as the animals.

Our state of the art facilities can handle your large animal needs from general health to surgical. Click here to tour our facilities.

  • Calf/heifer health: A good herd starts with healthy calves and heifers. Let our veterinary team help you find ways to improve calf and heifer management.
  • Emergency Care: If you have an after-hours emergency, please call our main phone number (815) 789-4558 and you will be transferred to the veterinarian on-call.
  • Haul-In Chute/Portable Chute: Our haul-in facility allows for safe and efficient handling of cattle.
  • Herd health: All three of our veterinarians are well versed in herd health areas including reproduction, vaccination protocols, and antibiotic protocols.
  • Laboratory: We have the capability of running in-house blood work, parasite testing, and milk cultures on large animals.
  • Ultrasound: We have a portable ultrasound that allows for early pregnancy diagnosis in cattle.

Boarding and Grooming


You can trust that our weekend crew will keep your pets comfortable and safe while you are away.

To keep your pets looking and smelling their best schedule an appointment with our groomer who is available on Thursday mornings.

  • Boarding: We provide boarding services for both dogs and cats. Dogs are required to be up-to-date on rabies, distemper, and bordetella vaccinations. Cats are required to have their feline distemper and rabies vaccinations. All animals must be on a proven flea preventative.
  • Grooming: A professional groomer is on staff Thursday mornings. Please call ahead to make an appointment.

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Our Services

  • Anesthesia             
  • Boarding          
  • Dentistry              
  • Dietary counseling
  • General Health
  • Grooming
  • Laboratory
  • Radiology
  • Surgery
  • Ultrasound

Large Animal

  • Calf/heifer health
  • Emergency Care
  • Haul-In Chute/Portable Chute
  • Herd health

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